Using Novelty Food as Home Décor


Have you seen the plastic food display? It looks so real even from close encounter. These food props can be used easily in the house as a décor.

Novelty food can be gifted to a homeowner. After opening the gift wrap, homeowner may not understand what to do with it. Homeowner may try to eat by mistake as well. By smelling the items, difference can be told exclusively as it smells like vinyl chloride instead of real thing. It is a kind of aroma that can be found with the new replica food.

Prop foods are generally found in standard size in most occasions. Color of the item may not fade away easily. Therefore, similar impression of a noodles or prawn dish can be obtained very easily. By placing wax food displays on the dining table, it is possible to give an impression of real food. A guest may like to eat these food items and try to dig in their spoons into it only to realize the fact that the items are not genuine at all.

In addition to table props, several other kinds of items are available in the market now-a-days. Key chains with the appearance of prawns or USB flash drives can be obtained as well. To get an innovative look, replica food can be used as an iPhone or Tablet stand as well. iPhone cases with attractive designs of food are quite popular as well. Instead of simple fridge magnet, half boiled eggs can be pasted in the fridge. The guests can be amazed to look at these fridge magnets. Some types of accessories are also available from the land of novelty food as well.

To buy these products, you may not have to pay additional charges or import duties. In some occasion, shipping charges can be avoided as well. Therefore, it is necessary to find a good and reliable company. Confusion related to the cost of the product can be avoided in the process.

Some of the food props are found at free of cost. However, shipping charges are observed for the countries in Europe, South America and Middle East. It is better to look at the fact related to shipping charges before purchase of products adequately. In case, you want a customized product then request must be made on time. Specification of customized products must be offered in addition to details regarding its look. The customized products are developed according to the details. Therefore, desired items can be delivered to the doorsteps without any hassle.

Food props are generally delivered within minimum five days. In case of customized product, more time may be required. Due to lack of payment within stipulated amount of time, orders can be cancelled.

Extensive amount of stocks can be found for the decoration of the house. Business owners can also buy fake food props in order to give an innovative gift to their customers or clients. Due to dissatisfaction, refund is offered from the plastic food display making company. However, food cannot be taken back in case of sanitary issues.

How the 2016 Formula 1 Season is Expected to Pan Out

67th season of Formula One will be unfolded with Australian Grand Prix on 20th march. The governing body of Formula One is known as FIA or Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile. It can be considered as one of the best automobile racing competition in the world. More than 21 Grand Prix are arranged every year. One of the extensive seasons in sporting history is showcased in due course. The ending of season 2016 is marked in Abu Dhabi. The season is scheduled to finish on 27th November.

Previously, FIA has decided to start the season from April. However, the dates have been changed to the month of March. It is quite an achievement for FIA to include twenty-one events in a year. New events have been introduced from Baku, Canada and Azerbaijan. Therefore, grand prix experience of six consecutive weeks is expected this year.

Some of the rules can be changed this year. Meeting of World Motor Sports Council has been arranged at Paris in order to make decision on the rules. It is expected to observe a rule to separate exhaust waste gate in order to pass the gas adequately. Due to this alteration in the mechanics of Formula One car, change may not be seen with emission or power.

Change of rules for 2016 Formula One Season

  • Safety equipment must be presented during testing within the cockpit. It is better to ensure comfort for driver’s head with a headrest and cockpit padding.
  • Track must be utilized adequately every time. If a driver goes beyond the track then justified reason must be produced in due course. Based on the judgment of expert panel, penalty can be offered to the driver in due course. In case the driver has gained advantage from the situation then penalty may become inevitable.
  • Rules related to the power unit and gear box alteration has been approved. However, penalty can be applied based on the time of utilization. Preference can be given to a team if they tell the delegates about the change as soon as possible.
  • Due to faulty start, driver has to begin from the pit lane. In case of a suspension, similar rule can be observed. Driver can be brought to the pit lane for start.
  • Clarification about aero-dynamic testing has been done.

Driver Predictions for Mercedes

According to reliable sources, both Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg are expected to be signed by Mercedes for 2016 season. However, official confirmation has not arrived yet. They have done phenomenal job last year. Therefore, they have returned their position quite naturally. Due to excellence of the drivers, first and second position has been won by Mercedes consistently. Last year Lewis Hamilton has won the Grand Prix Season. Therefore, he is supposed to defend his position this year as well.

Driver Predictions for Ferrari

Kimi Raikkonen and Sebastian Vettel have confirmed their stay with Ferrari. Solid battle from the side of Ferrari is expected in the year 2016 as well. Online bookmaker bet365 seems to agree placing favorable odds of the two of them to give Mercedes a run for their money. For more on the odds, check out this 365bet review.

To wrap it all up, both are fantastic drivers. Therefore, they can also win the championship this time so expect the unexpected in 2016!